We aim to be global leader in specialized machinery and production technology for electrical drivetrains.

In our E-mobility segment, we primarily design, manufacture and sell specialized machinery and automated production lines for the automotive, aerospace, railway and other mobility industries with a principal focus on the automotive industry.

Superior power-to-weight ratio in mass production

Our offerings enable our E-mobility customers to produce highly efficient and advanced E-Motors with superior power-to-weight ratios on a mass production scale using direct winding technology ranging from linear, flyer and needle winding to highly advanced “continuous hairpin” and “multi-wire distributed needle winding” as well as sophisticated automated solutions for surrounding processes, with a focus on wire-handling. Large customers from the automotive and E-bike industries such as Volkswagen Group and Bosch use our technology to produce their latest generation of E-Motors.

E-motor components, energy storage systems and complete assembly

Apart from solutions for e-motor components, we also offer specialized machinery and production lines for the manufacturing of automotive energy storage systems and hybrid modules up to the full assembly of complete electric drivetrains. To ensure optimum customer support, we also offer joint product development services and prototype production in our research and development center. Of course, we also provide complementary product support services such as maintenance, repair and spare part supply.