We design solutions. Decades of technical experience and trustful customer relationships are the pillars of our success.

In our Classic segment we primarily design, manufacture and sell specialized machinery and automated production lines for the automotive, aerospace, railway, consumer electric, agricultural and cleantech industries.

Reduced fuel consumption – solutions for the drivetrain and structural parts

Our solutions include machinery for the production of internal combustion engines drivetrain components (including gearboxes, built camshafts, camshaft modules, cylinder activation and deactivation modules and components for valve control systems) as well as light weight structural components for our automotive customers. OEMs along with their suppliers are able to produce components on our machines and production lines, which help them to reduce their vehicle’s fuel consumption and their fleets’ CO2 emissions while enjoying significant manufacturing benefits.

We generate ideas and we provide the services our customers need

We also provide assembly and logistical solutions for the consumer electric industry, transport jigs for the aerospace industry as well as specific solutions for other industries. We also offer complementary product support services as well as production services, such as measuring, prototyping and machining and others. In addition, we produce and sell to a limited extend certain low volume serial parts in particular to automotive and agriculture customers.