To be the global leading equipment supplier for the production of E-Motors in the automotive e-mobility and other e-mobility markets.



We intend to achieve this strategy by implementing the following strategic initiatives:

  • We aim to leverage our long-standing relationships and expertise in the classic segment to cross-sell our e-mobility offering and target new applications
  • We strive to maintain our technological leadership position and develop further technologies
  • We intend to increase our global footprint by leveraging our relationships with existing customers, gaining new customers and through acquisitions, in particular in Europe, China and the NAFTA market
  • We intend to increase our service share, which is a high margin business
  • As a high-tech engineering company, we aim to grow our business by actively attracting, investing in and retaining the most talented and highly educated individuals possible

Competitive Strengths

We believe that the following are our key competitive strengths:

  • We are strongly benefiting from the e-mobility revolution long before the actual production of Electric Vehicles
  • Our unique winding technology enables our customers to scale up to automated mass production of superior E-Motors
  • We have long-standing relationships with automotive OEMs and a track record of jointly developed conventional drivetrain platforms which enables us to cross-sell our products
  • We employ a growth based business model with strong revenue generation
  • Our business is led by a highly experienced management team, is based on a talented and well educated workforce and is supported by a committed controlling shareholder