History of Aumann

Our current business is the result of the merger between the Aumann Winding and Automation group with MBB Fertigungstechnik GmbH, specialist for machinery and production lines for automotive manufacturing. The history of our combined business is as follows:

2016Aumann acquired the remaining 25% of the outstanding capital of Aumann GmbH and Aumann Berlin GmbH and additional 19.9% of the stated capital of Aumann Immobilien GmbH with an option to acquire the remaining 5.1% at a later point in time.
2015Under its former name "MBB Technologies GmbH", the holding of MBB Fertigungstechnik GmbH purchased 75% of the Aumann Winding and Automation Group thus forming the current Aumann AG Group which now offers a unique combination of winding and automation expertise for the design and production of highly specialized modular machines and production lines for automated manufacturing of electric drivetrains for the automotive and other E-mobility industries.
2009Aumann introduced the first fully automatic winding and assembly technology for E-mobility.
2006ATS Berlin GmbH was aquired (the current Aumann Berlin GmbH), thus forming the Aumann Winding and Automation Group together with Aumann GmbH.
1992MBB Fertigungstechnik GmbH moved its operations to Beelen, Germany, the company's present site.
1968MBB Fertigungstechnik (formerly CLAAS Fertigungstechnik GmbH) was founded in Harsewinkel, Germany as CLAAS Group plant constructor.
1951 Move to Espelkamp where Aumann is still currently located.
1936 Aumann was founded in Berlin by Willy Aumann.